The way we live, produce and consume has an impact on the earth and how we treat one another. The number of complex issues facing us continues to grow - from combatting poverty to energy transition, from social inequality to healthy living and sustainability. Although we want to come up with solutions and take decisions that are right for the future, we sometimes get bogged down in a mire of risks, sensitivities, interests and short-term goals. We want to think in terms of opportunities and solutions, but what about all those risks? Adults sometimes get a little stuck.


Children can help them make the right decisions. Adults may have more experience and knowledge, but children have got creativity, imagination and the ability to pose questions that can get adults thinking outside the box. The International Convention on the Rights of the Child also recognises the right of children to have a say in matters that affect their lives. 



Missing Chapter is a foundation (ANBI) that specializes in child-inclusion and intergenerational dialogue. We help organizations, schools, government and NGO’s that want to include children in decision-making. We give our partners the means to practice child-inclusion themselves.



We enrich decisions and public debate by enabling children to have a say in them as well and by ensuring that adults are accountable to the children about what actually happens with their ideas. This is the only way people can feel that they are being taken seriously. We use contemporary issues to bring children and decision-makers together to come up with new approaches and ideas. Missing Chapter helps adults put their strategic issues to children. The children get to the heart of the matter and discover that there is a point to having your say, while the adults learn to let go and be receptive to new ways of thinking and new solutions.


Missing Chapter supervises all the steps involved, acts as 'interpreter' between the different generations, and helps its partners put child-inclusion into practice for themselves. We also promote the children's ideas as widely as possible to get the whole of The Netherlands behind the idea of child inclusion. For more information about our different programmes, click here [link naar programma’s]

In 2025 it will no longer be unusual for children to be treated as equal dialogue partners - in fact it will be totally normal. We will have made a real difference in all kinds of areas, with children's views and insights meaning that decisions are more focussed on the future. Children have become the driving force behind positive behavioural changes within families (healthy lifestyle choices and reduced energy use) and are coming up with new solutions for society's problems, such as poverty. We hope Missing Chapter will be redundant by 2025. If not, we will have made enormous progress.




dream 2025

Our dream is for

The Netherlands to become the leading country in terms of child-inclusion. The result? A more sustainable world. 





Every human being under the age of 18



The act of including someone as part of a group


Missing Chapter dreams of a world in which it is normal for children to be in included in decision-making. By involving them and really listening to what they have to say. Because decisions will become more sustainable that way. Because children have the right to be heard, especially on topics that concern their lives and their future.