Insight and action


Our work is built around developing new insights and creating movements for change in society. Both involve children and adults engaging in lasting dialogue and working together. We have therefore divided our activities into two categories: Insight and Action. These two strategic pillars are closely linked.



Within the Insight category, we organize dialogues between children and decision-makers to allow children to share their views and ideas. For this we use a dialogue method in which children and adults participate as equal partners. This method has been developed using the experience gained with the hundreds of Kids Councils we have helped set up in recent years. 

Kids Council

(Raad van Kinderen)

More than eighty organizations across the Kingdom of the Netherlands have a Kids Council. The idea is that it should become standard for organizations to have a Kids Council in place - alongside their existing (statutory) supervisory bodies - to provide input and ideas on issues faced by them. Decision-makers put their strategic issues (always with a social connection) to the children for their consideration. The partners then participate as equals in a dialogue to come up with solutions. 


Pilot City Council approach

This is a pilot project in which Kids Councils serve as an advisory board for five large cities in The Netherlands (Breda, Deventer, The Hague, Groningen and Leiden). The subject within this pilot fase is the poverty amongst young citizens. During this pilot, the five city councils explore ways in which they can make most efficient use of their Kids Council, that will be able to come up with innovative solutions for all kinds of social themes. 



Kids Council


At the very first Kids Council Awardshow in 2017, the Missing Chapter community launched the National Kids Council initiative. The idea: a nationwide Kids Council that will advise the Dutch governments on various topics. Children from all over the Kingdom of the Netherlands will research pressing, topical subjects they never before got the chance to share their views on, and will provide the government with their ideas and solutions. 



In the Action category, we work to ensure that children’s ideas are translated into nationwide action/campaigns. In all cases, the principle is the same. Children are, by nature, agents for change and instigators of positive behavioural changes.



Why spend 9 minutes in the shower when you can get just as warm and clean in 5 minutes? WaterSavers (WaterSpaarders) is a nationwide movement aimed at reducing energy use, with children and adults coming together to campaign for a reduction in the average time spent in the shower by people in the Netherlands. So far, this movement has achieved considerable success. 




Edventurers (Evonturiers) is a national programme for schools that aims to change behaviour to reduce energy consumption. It involves children and their families adopting various methods to save energy at home and in their local neighbourhoods.


The programme is supported with educational materials and concrete activities. 


Go Do

GoDo helps everyone – young and old – to feel and live better. GoDo is a nationwide programme designed to change behaviour. GoDo helps families make structural changes to lead healthier lives and feel better. This programme builds further on the success of the Ik Eet Het Beter-programme for schools, which more than 400,000 children take part in every year.